Basmati Rice


Basmati is a minute long-grained selection of rice, well-known for its fragrance, fine structure, appetizing and nutty flavor. “The name Basmati comes from the Hindi language, meaning 'Queen of Fragrance'”. Basmati rice has been cultured in India and Pakistan for hundreds of years, even though some substandard qualities are now formed in the United States.

Qualities that distinguish Basmati from any other brand…
The particular mania that distinct basmati from any other rice is:
Grains of it are much longer than they are wide
They grow longer as they cook.
They stay rigid and divided, not humid, after cooking.

Specific texture of the rice…
Basmati rice is obtainable in both white and a brown color. Brown actually takes a little longer to cook than white. The ratio of the difference is 30:10 respectively. Brown typically takes 30 minutes and white only 10 minutes as opposed. Soaking it for half an hour to two hours before cooking makes the grains less likely to break during cooking.

It is used in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes and is extensively accessible now in most grocery stores in town. This is a special brand of rice in effect, which should be used by one and all for better taste and quality. Due to high amount of starch clinging to the rice, they should be washed cautiously before catering. There are thousands of recipes and cuisines that include rice. There are certain groups of people who prefer rice over any other food and take it as a crucial food.

How can we boost the basmati rice yield without forgoing the quality?

Basmati rice yield can be increased considerably through an inclusive move towards comprising development of high yielding, better quality, resistant to insect pests/diseases Use of pure, high quality and healthy seed Timely sowing finest plant population, Fair use of fertilizers, Proper water management, Timely control of insect pests, Diseases and weeds through integrated approach, Mechanized harvest and post-harvest operations. Privatization can also help improve yield in countries like Pakistan

Varieties Approved!
Basmati 198
Basmati 217
Basmati 370
Basmati 385
Basmati 386
Super basmati
Kernel (basmati Pakistan)
Haryana &

Export Potential
Basmati rice has good export quality and strong export potential but presently due to certain reasons it is facing firm competition from national as well as international markets because throughout the early times only India and Pakistan used to specialize in this product but since, there has been a lot of agricultural development during recent years so, many other countries have started producing the same quality rice which has enlarged competition to a greater extent. If observed generally, rice produced in Pakistan and India is still more favorite and preferred worldwide.  

Rice is a very important cereal grain of Pakistan, due to its use as food for pakistani people as well as an export commodity. In Pakistan, rice covers an area of 2 million hectares. Two provinces of Pakistan I. E. Sindh and punjab are main rice growing regions with nearly 50% area in each province. This "rice bowl" lies at the foot-hills of himalayas and is irrigated by the snow-melt water of himalayas carried through five rivers. The word punjab originates from a persian word comprising of two letters - "punj and ab" which means 5 waters. Therefore, punjab means land of five rivers. The word basmati also comprises of two letters "bas" means smell and "mati" means soil which means smell of soil which leads us to believe that special quality of basmati has lot to do with the soil type.

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